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Process Ventilation Technology

Technology that reduces a defect rate and increases productivity by eliminating pollutants

As a system to prevent productivity degradation, product contamination, and defective products caused by emissions or by-products generated during the production process, it is a technology that improves productivity and a defect rate by removing various types of dust, oil, fume, and steam through airflow.


  • Stage 1
    Calculate the required air volume by reflecting the characteristics of raw materials or emissions used in the field
  • Stage 2
    Design the hood position or length and direction of air transport duct to collect emissions
  • Stage 3
    Design for perfect transport to the treatment plant

Special Features

Stainless steel or engineered wear-resistant steel can be applied where corrosion or wear is concerned, and corrosion resistance is improved through separate treatment in the air transport duct or equipment

Applicable Fields

  • Steel Industry
  • Semi Conductor Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Chemical Plant
  • Incinerator
  • Etc.